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"Blending In" - Permanent Soil Nail Walls

Permanent Soil Nail Walls – Calabasas - CA

“Blending In”

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As increasing demand for housing pushes developments of the flat lands and into the surrounding hillside the need for economical retaining wall systems increases.

Once great solution is the use of permanent spoil nail walls that can be sculpted and stained to match existing surrounding and provide a relatively aesthetically pleasing appearance to future homeowners.

Permanent Soil Nail Wall in construction

The top-down procedure for soil nail wall construction eliminates the need for over-excavation and challenging back-cuts and the backfill usually required for conventional footing walls.

Creating planters within the wall

Planter pockets can be created within the wall to facilitate post-construction vegetation growth to help camouflage the walls.

Finished wall before staining to match existing rock color.

The shotcrete is typically sculpted to a desired pattern to match existing surrounding rock outcrops and stained to match the surrounding rock color.


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