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“Slip Sliding Away” - Landslide Repair

Landslide Repair – Pacific Palisades, CA

“Slip Sliding Away”

The results of the original slide

When the Revello landslide in the Pacific Palisades occurred in the mid 1960’s it destroyed several properties and threatened several more. Due to complex multiple ownership issues the site remained empty for another 40 years before developers were able to realize the potential of this premium site over-looking the Santa Monica Bay.

Eventually plans to remediate the site and develop condominiums were approved and the complex task of removing the landslide, securing the neighboring properties and building new building got underway in 2013.

First the landslide soils had to be removed and replaced with new stronger soils and then excavations for the new structures could be undertaken.

Excavation of the landslide soils and replacement with new soils.

DRS Engineering Inc was responsible for the design of both temporary shoring for excavations and for the design of several permanent retaining walls required to create the building pads for the new condominium structures.

Earth retention for new construction

Support of Adjacent Properties

New construction


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