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"Downtown Dig" - La Plaza De Cultura Y Artes

Excavation Shoring – La Plaza De Cultura Y Artes - Los Angeles

“Downtown Dig”

Original Site

The existing parking lots bounded by Spring St, Broadway and Hill St. in downtown Los Angeles are being transformed into the new mixed-use complex known as La Plaza De Cultura Y Artes. This major development close to the heart of Los Angeles sits on top of two major underground train tunnels and is adjacent to the Hill St overpass and 101 freeway ramps. The almost 60ft deep excavation required major temporary shoring and detailed co-ordination with the existing facilities in and around the site.

The Development

City requirement for removable tiebacks under city streets and the Caltrans requirements for no tiebacks in the Caltrans right-of-way led to a combination of removable and non-removable tieback and internal rakers and braces to provide support for the soldier pile and wood lagging shoring.

Excavation in Progress

Shoring by Condon-Johnson & Associates

The project required extensive monitoring during construction to ensure no damaging vibrations were transmitted to the sensitive underground tunnels beneath the site.


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